Special Assessments

In the City of Lansing, there are 4 different types of charges that are grouped under the category of Special Assessments. These are Capital Improvements, Nuisance Fees, Public Improvements, and Recycling Fees. Below are examples of each of these types. More information on Special Assessments can be found can be found within the detailed tax bill or on the City of Lansing Internet Services website.

Capital Improvements

The best examples of capital improvements are sewer, street, curb and gutter, and sidewalk repairs or improvements. The cost of a project that is paid by the property owners is spread only to property owners that receive the benefit of the improvement. Property owners may pay their entire amount due at an initial billing, or to pay yearly installments that are placed on their tax bill.

Nuisance Fees

Nuisance fees are fees the City of Lansing charges to an individual property owner for services performed on their property that is beyond basic city services. Examples of nuisance fees would be house board-ups, grass cutting, and excess trash removal. If the initial billing of the nuisance fee is not paid by the property owner, that fee is placed on the upcoming tax roll.

Public Improvement

One example of a public improvement is the Principal Shopping District, which provides a number of services to downtown commercial properties, such as cleaning, advertising, and promotions.

Recycling Fee

The city's Recycling Fee is charged to all single family residential dwellings of four units or less. This fee funds the curbside recycling collections, seasonal yard waste collection, education programs and enforcement efforts. This fee is placed on all applicable residential property owner's Winter tax bill.