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Applications are being accepted for an immediate long-term General Administrative Position -$10/hr

Internship Opportunity

An Intern Perspective...

"As an intern for Mayor Bernero I really enjoyed being part of a team that works to make Lansing a better place to work, live, and play every day. I made valuable connections with those who work for and in conjunction with the city and made a lot on wonderful friends along the way. I also served as coordinator for the Mayor's Capital Area Senior Activities Fair which allowed me to connect with members of the community and gain skills necessary to effectively coordinate a large event." – C. Doolittle
"I am departing for Panama in February 2015 to serve in the Peace Corps. I will be a community environmental conservation volunteer with the task to promote environmental stewardship to youths and other local member. The Mayor’s office taught me that real change happens on the community level, a perspective I will use wholeheartedly during my service and in life."
C. Ferguson
My favorite part of the internship was accompanying the Mayor to difference functions, meeting the “movers and shakers” and seeing how he was able to make effective change with his charisma alone.
 – R. Elchemmas
"Besides providing invaluable experience of working with so many wonderful people, an internship as the Mayor’s office offered numerous possibilities to participate in city events, presenting excellent opportunities for networking and engaging in the community."
L. Zabielina
"My favorite part of being an intern was being a liaison between constituents and the internal workings of the city government. Hearing real problems that citizens are having and then working with different parts of the city government in order to help a constituent was a gratifying feeling." – S. Shaikh
I loved being a part of the Lansing community and being able to make a difference. As a Mayoral Intern, I assisted with annual events such as March is Reading Month and the Mayor’s Family Riverwalk. I also helped resolve resident’s issues when they called the office.
 – V. Desai
My favorite part about being an intern was working with the staff at the Mayor’s office. Once you have other jobs you really appreciate the humor and kindness in the office. I also enjoyed going to City Council meetings. – A. Alley